Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost! - Pina Bausch



Tuesday 1/9

17.00: Memory Lab - Rani Nair

18.30: Ouverture: Mantras for a Club - PRICE

20.00: Visions of Hope - Suutoo

Wednesday 2/9

17.00: Crawling - Natália Rebelo

20.00: I Have Become A Prayer-SERAFINE1369

Thursday 3/9

17.00: Memory Lab - Rani Nair

18.30: Museum of Impossible Forms with Vishnu Vardhani RAJAN

20.00: OMNI TOXICA - Paula Chaves Bonilla & Thais Di Marco

Friday 4/9

17.00: Ouverture: Mantras for a Club - PRICE

18.30: OMNI TOXICA - Paula Chaves Bonilla & Thais Di Marco

20.00: Crawling - Natália Rebelo

Saturday 5/9

14.00-17.00: QUARTO

17.00: I Have Become A Prayer-SERAFINE1369

19.00: Ofelia Jarl Ortega

20.00: Visions of Hope - Suutoo



My Wild Flag is an international dance and performance festival in Stockholm. Initiated and run by choreographer Karina Sarkissova and choreographer and artist Pontus Pettersson, MWF consists of local and international acts and scenarios that proposes contemporary choreographic and artistic work. Bringing communities together and joining in social choreographies as well as works devoted for the stage. For this years festival MDT is CO-hosting the festival together with supporting structures of Stockholm University of the Arts and Danscentrum Stockholm.


My Wild Flag is curated and organised by Karina Sarkissova and Pontus Pettersson

Graphic design: Sara Kaaman

Illustration: Channa Bianca

Festival Set Design: Julia Benon & Malin Kent

Technical crew: Hara Alonso, MDT and Lumination of Sweden

Production assistance: Therese “Terry” Johansson and MDT


With support from Stockholm City Council of Culture, Swedish Arts Council and MDT

Important message:


It is in the social, the being together, or flesh that bodies come into being. Here, as dancers, as live elements in flux, we have the great possibility to speak to our present times, urges and localities.


We are back for the fourth year and the world has changed. How do we create intimacy without proximity? We have compiled a festival program that can find new forms of being together, in different constellations and proposals, a program that runs smoothly through the festival week.


How do we deal with intimacy without proximity?


Ticket info:


We are releasing a limited number of tickets for these events allowing audience to keep a safe and appropriate distance from one another during the ongoing pandemic. This is to make the visit to the theatre safe for anyone who wishes to attend the performances. Tickets can be pre-booked via Nortic.We will not be selling tickets or keep waiting lists at the theatre.


Please arrive in good time before the performance. If you cannot attend - please contact Nortic to cancel your ticket, so that others may get the chance to come instead.

Please follow the recommendations of Folkhälsomyndigheten to protect yourself and others from infection. If you are showing any symptoms at all - Stay at home!



The premises are wheelchair accessible.Guides go free of charge, but tickets must be reserved ahead. Please contact us at to prebook your seat.


If you have questions regarding the accessibility at MDT or our performances please contact or call MDT at 08-6111456


Rani Nair

Memory Lab

Tuesday 1/9 17.00

Thursday 3/9 17.00

Memory Lab is a performance that, like many of my previous works, revolves around memories and dance. Already in 2003 I inherited the work Dixit Dominus, choreographed by Kurt Jooss for the Indian dancer Lilavati living in Sweden. In my work Future Memory (2012/2014), memories are processed from a postcolonial and highly personal perspective where the intersections of the meetings between Western dance canon and an Indian contemporary and traditional dance are explored. How can dance, movements or rather memories of movements be inherited and carried on? These questions filters through my latest work, An evening with Astad, where I, together with Astad Deboo, 72, a pioneer of contemporary Indian dance, explore his-tories and memories. An evening with Astad had its 2017 premiere in Lund and played last summer in Munich within a project on post-migrant dance. Memory Lab explores how memories can live on and be embodied with the help of the audience members. Participatory choreographies that shift our conceptions of canon and traditions, while at the same time, through the physical and immediate participation of the body, we experience a unique closeness to memories – both our own and of others

Rani Nair work with dance and choreography. Memory and archive is recurring thematic in her work. Her choreographies have been programmed at the Centre National de la Dance Paris, ImpulsTanz Vienna, Spielart Festival in Munich, Ignite! Festival of contemporary dance in Delhi, Singapore International Festival of Arts, Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival, Spielart festival and at the The Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts. Nair´s work is also represented at the Performing Arts museum, Dansmuseet in Stockholm and in the book Oxford Dictionary of Dance and Re-enactment.


Graphic form: Cecilia Höglund  / Dramaturgy: Nasim Aghili  / Space/costume: Joanna  / Styling: Aida Keflai  / Light consultant: Malin Holgersson



Ouverture: Mantras for a Club

Tuesday 1/9 18.30 

Friday 4/9 17.00

*work in progress* Bodies are places of affects and emotions. As subjective as they feel, they are always political and part of a circular, cultural economy of emotion. They are not to be located simply “inside” or “outside.” Rather, they create the very effect of boundaries between bodies and worlds. With the exhibition Prologue: Mantras for a Club at the Stadtgalerie Bern, PRICE opens the exhibition (15.09 - 03.10.2020) as the first of a series of performances entitled Ouverture: Mantras for a Club to be presented at the Arsenic in Lausanne and the Neumarkt Theater in Zurich 2020-21 As part of one weekly residency, PRICE will be sharing two different work in progress, testing out some physical and sonically occasions.


PRICE is the name behind a fictional character developed by artist Mathias Ringgenberg in a number of hybrid performative works across the last years. The live and video performances with elaborate soundscapes, costume and stage designs as well as a music album, which constitute his body of work, seem at first to obey contemporary imperatives of self-presentation. They could be understood as exercises in ostentatious self-exposure, which explore the affective resonances to an environment that demands constant divestments of the self. We would then be presented a solipsistic figure, who embodies, sings and speaks about the psychopathologies resulting out of these conditions, feelings of loneliness and a fundamental disconnectedness leading the way.

Mathias Ringgenberg was born 1986 in Rio de Janeiro and now lives and works between Zürich, Belgium and Los Angeles. He studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam before receiving an MA Performing Arts and Theater from HKB, Bern in 2015.

Music composition and production in collaboration with: Cecile Believe, Sebastian Hirsig, Tobias Koch, Modulaw / Curtain design in collaboration with:

Victor Barragán / Production Consulting: Eva Buehler / Production: Rebecca Ammann / Production assistants: Olivia Bertschinger, Paolo Mereu

Scent concept in collaboration with: In'n'out Fragrances / Co-Produced by: Stadtgalerie Bern, Arsenic Lausanne and Neumarkt Theater Zürich



Visions of Hope

Tuesday 1/9 20.00 
Saturday 5/9 20.0

In ‘Visions of hope’, Suutoo uses the technologies of imagination to arouse an oscillation of tension and release; animating the healing process of emancipation where costume and sound becomes extensions of the self.

Suutoo works transdisciplinary with poetry, music, video and object based art, activating these facets through their ceremonial performances. Inspecting the poetics of becoming; uncovering the unfathomable potentials of fantasy and how it can inform our realities. Suutoo views this speculative approach as a way to tap into novel energies, in search for something that is yet neither seen nor heard.


Sound and ritual: Suutoo

Costume: Jawara Alleyne
Set design: Suutoo and Lisa Berkert Wallard

Animations: Kyle Callista


Natália Rebelo


Wednesday 2/9 17.00 
Friday 4/9 17.00

Crawling is a performance that investigates the feeling of being seen and followed. 

Through the insistence of specific movements, stages of repetition are built and form 

a choreography that has nervousness, compulsions and pleasing games as its foundation.

Performers: Ama Kyei, Heta Asikainen


Natália Rebelo is a visual artist based in Stockholm. She works in various media including performance, sculpture, text and moving image. Her work has been shown at Sormlands Museum, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Galleri Brucebo, Konstakademien, Galleri Mejan, Uttran, Mossutställningar, and Index Foundation, Stockholm; Nya Småland, Tranås; Chart Emerging, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen; Work hard! Play hard!, Minsk; W139, Amsterdam, Z/KU (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik), Berlin and Biquini Wax EPS, Mexico City. Recent residencies include Brucebo in Gotland, Fondazione Ratti in Italy, and Biquini Wax EPS in Mexico. She holds a BFA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and MFA from Kungl. Konsthögskolan in Stockholm.



I Have Become A Prayer


Wednesday 2/9 20.00 
Saturday 5/9 17.00

I Have Become A Prayer is a remote dance, a dance of remoteness. A wish for presence and an acceptance of absence that vibrates with intention and strategies for welcoming and witnessing forms of presence, that asks for the recognition of other signals, other signs, other modes of communication that gives voice to what, or who, has been exiled. I Have Become A Prayer asks for an opening, for the bodies of those who visit the work to open themselves to becoming vessel. Nothing ever really goes away. This is ghost work. 


Through practicing reading the signals the body systems send, the symbols that arrive through dreams and dancing and poetry and trance states - our oracular potential - I am looking for a way to construct a mechanism that can hold me when I lose myself, to root lines of knowledge so deep, to have so many repetitions that grooves form inside of me and can inform the one who is there when I am forced to leave. A work that draws from my experiences of dissociation. Survival work with an aesthetic surplus. 


SERAFINE1369 will be tunIng in to this work from London, assisted by Alice MacKenzie as a local host.

SERAFINE1369 (previously Last Yearz Interesting Negro) is the London based artist and dancer Jamila Johnson-Small. SERAFINE1369 works with dancing as a philosophical undertaking, a political project with ethical psycho-spiritual ramifications for being-in-the-world; dancing as intimate technology.


Their work is informed by research into movement and dance as a tool for divination, decoding messages from an oracular body - on personal/structural/symptomatic/somatic/psychic levels - to be processed through the medium of choreography. Always thinking about the metabolic - impact and exchange through/in/as movement. Their shows are stage/dreamspace/battleground, decompositions, atmospheric landscapes created through the live unfolding of the tensions between things that produce meaning.


SERAFINE1369 has a relational, cumulative and often collaborative practice, gathering and transmitting information through working in various constellations, at different scales and in different roles to build spaces for communing/attuning/communicating through dancing, performance, listening and conversation; spaces that might hold the complex, multiple and contradictory, spaces that consider movement and transformation as inevitable, working to be unsettling situations of non-dominance.

Alice MacKenzie is a dance artist based in Stockholm. Her work enfolds speculative fiction, voice and movement scores alongside medicinal plants and cultures of bacteria in performances of intimate intra-action.


Offerings from a distance: SERAFINE1369 / Video: SERAFINE1369 / Text: SERAFINE1369 / Original music: Josh Anio Grigg / Local host: Alice MacKenzie


Museum of Impossible Forms

and Vishnu Vardhani - Inviting ourselves to the table and making a scene


Thursday 3/9 18.30

We wish to propose a scenario to My Wild Flag, formulated with a series of questions to explore together within a framework of ‘Non-Performance-Performance’ titled - Inviting ourselves to the table and making a scene.

The first question being - How do we keep our practice dangerous? 

Who are we? 

‘Museum of impossible forms’ 

There is information online on who we are as a critical practice. 

Here I would like to take you through an experience of walking upto m{if}. 

Scent-Scapes indicating the presence of people with sunkissed skin. Shops nearby that sell spices from the global south. 

As you approach the small door with a smaller board that reads ‘museum of impossible forms’, very visible to people that visit m{if} regularly. 

A composition of people, a shared locality with a bar on the ground floor, a hairdresser, a mosque for Somalian community,  club-room for afghani youth - all together existing as effortless statement of art, politics, practice, care, as a bouquet of teaching to transgress. 

The hour is hosted by : 

Research advisor of museumofimpossibleforms Vishnu Vardhani Rajan -Bodyphilosopher


Paula Chaves Bonilla & Thais Di Marco



Thursday 3/9 20.00 
Friday 4/9 18.30

OMNI TOXICA is a journalistic and forensic performative ritual on the history of Coca and how it passed from being a green, sacred, medicinal plant into a whitewashed, capitalist, toxic product: cocaine. The project borrows strategies from journalism, spiritism, narco culture, alchemy and activism to construct a dystopian laboratory. Here the politics of death behind what we call the Coca-Cocaine complex are revealed as the continuation of a neo-colonial order in place. In OMNI TOXICA the coca plant plots its own court case while shedding light on the incoherent gap between justice and legality, between wellness and toxicity that overshadows this whole multibillion-dollar industry.

Paula Chaves Bonilla is a Colombian director, choreographer, performer and activist based in Amsterdam. In The Netherlands she made: Paraart, Against The Wall, Down is Up and Omni Toxica while joining Amanda Piña's long-term project Endangered Human Movements as a dancer and assistant choreographer. Chaves Bonilla's artistic research studies the relation between art, propaganda and neoliberalism to map and expose how the commodification of art -aka 'artwashing'- operates as a neocolonial technology of distraction, control and discipline. Her works have been shown in festivals such as: Moving Futures (Amsterdam), Theater Aan Zee (Oostende), CALA Festival (Cori) & Welcome to our guest house (Rotterdam).


Thais Di Marco is from the City of São Paulo, Brazil, currently based in Amsterdam. She is performer, theater director, teacher, choreographer and project coordinator with 12 years of professional career working mostly in contexts such as creative platforms, social movements and independent spaces focused on critical thinking, LGBTQ+ communities and anti-capitalist struggle. One of her most important works was the development of Power Practices counter-training, a practice to face police violence turning performing arts into a survival auxiliary technology to populations under extreme conditions of state violence. This work was lately shared in: México, Benin, Iran, Germany and The Netherlands.

OMNI TOXICA by Paula Chaves Bonilla & Thais Di Marco

Concept & Artistic direction: Paula Chaves Bonilla.

Choreography: Thais Di Marco & Paula Chaves Bonilla  / Performance: Thais Di Marco, Nadia Bekkers & Paula Chaves Bonilla  / Scenography/Visual Artist: Natalia Sorzano / Sound artist & rapper: Nadia Bekkers / Dramaturgy/Artistic Advice: Rodrigo Batista / Research: Natalia Chaves, Paula Chaves and Thais Di Marco / Produced by: Veem House for Performance and Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam / Light Design and Technical support: Dana Claasen / Costumes: Thais Di Marco / Scenographic assistance in Sweden: Channa Bianca / Tech support in Sweden: Hara Alonso 



Communal Rope "in times of crisis"

Saturday 5/9 14-17 

This durational installation piece, still in progress, will be developed through a four day long workshop, where we will share some of the work and practice that have been developed within the ROPE-series over the past ten years. This proposal has grown out of a need to open and develop the research work together with others in order to find new strategies for collective connectivity. We will be dealing with the rope as an emblem, as a problem and a crisis, collectively encountering its qualities and dealing with its entanglements. Here are some of the questions we will be exploring together: How do you untie a huge knot collectively? How to use the connectivity of the rope to engage in a communal practice? How to organize bodies in collective actions? Between manipulation and being exposed to the rope’s very own dynamic, a particular kind of body emerges, a body that is situated between different cultures, languages and realities; a body that carries the experience of the moment, memories of the past and imaginations and fictions of an encounter yet to come.


With this said about the research, we're also dealing with contemporary issues and social distancing imposed by the corona, which encourage us to provoke this encounter with the students, who will spend their very first week of the 3-year BA program in Dance Performance at Stockholm University of the Arts together with us.


The performance-duo QUARTO consists of Anna af Sillén de Mesquita and Leandro Zappala. From 2003 until now they have created 3 series, each in 3 parts: WIP, BEAUTY and ROPE, which are not trilogies in a classical sense but rather a long-term research work, each piece is autonomous and yet intertwined, creating a sense of coherency. They invest in research within interdisciplinary art, deeply rooted in the interaction between theory and practice, working together with other artists and researchers. Engaged primarily with philosophical questions regarding power relations and the limits of the body, they seek to generate thought and subjectivity through radical, visual and physical experiences. Anna and Leandro have lived and worked between Brazil and Sweden during 17 years. The life between two distinct continents characterizes their work and provides constant challenges. Their work has been shown internationally at museums, in different venues and galleries throughout the world.


Concept & Choreography: Leandro Zappala & Anna af Sillén de Mesquita / Performers & Choreography: Mira Jochimsen, Emma Kerttula, David Anstey, Lena Kienzer, Zelda Lyseng-Storvik, Nellie Björklund, Joanna Kerkelä,Nelia Naumanen,Pénélope Touvier, Anton Hedevang

Artistic adviser: Pol Matthé

Supported by: The Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm County Council and Stockholm’s Culture Committee.


Ofelia Jarl Ortega


Saturday 5/9 19.00

Scenario is a constructed solidarity and a play with recognizable group dynamics. In Scenario we meet characters like Passion, Teaser and Drama and highlighted psychological situations like a murder scene, the conquering of a mountain, or just a touch.


Scenario is a parallel research to the piece Hegemony by Ofelia Jarl Ortega, premiering at MDT in October 2020. Hegemony is a trio for dancers Darío Barreto Damas, Andrius Mulokas and Paolo de Venecia Gile with music by Jassem Hindi.


During the very first week of the 3-year BA program in Dance Performance at Stockholm University of the Arts, the dancers encounter and collaborate with Ofelia. Together they will rework material from Hegemony to a smaller group piece.

Ofelia Jarl Ortega is a Chilean-Swedish choreographer and performer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work centers around vulnerability and femininity, often with a suggestive erotic aesthetic; lately a notion of “voluntary objectification” has been at the core for her investigations. She holds a Dance Diploma from The Royal Swedish Ballet School (2010) and has a MA in Choreography from DOCH, Stockholm (2014), and her works have been shown at venues such as ImPulsTanz (Vienna), MDT (Stockholm), Inkonst (Malmö), Moderna Museet/Anrikningsverket (Stockholm), Les Urbaines (Lausanne), Manifesta11 (Zürich), Museo Philipe, (Valdivia) and El Club Social de Artistas, (Santiago de Chile). As a performer she has worked with Doris Uhlich, Mårten Spångberg, Florentina Holzinger & Vincent Riebeek, Young Boy Dancing Group and Vinge & Müller, amongst others. Ofelia

Jarl Ortega received the Young Choreographers’ Award at ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival, 2018, for her piece B.B.

Read more about Hegemony here:


Concept, choreography: Ofelia Jarl Ortega. Performers: Andrius Mulokas, Paolo de Venecia Gile and Students from Uniarts: Maja Grimsted, Philipppa Felländer-Tsai, Brina Dokl, Evelina Jakobsson Potenciano, Kacper Migas, Argiri Samiotaki, Ane Carsen, Laura Linna, Bartek Mikuła Music: Jassem Hindi